HP Printers


Shopit HP Printer shop has a variety of genuine, high-quality LaserJet, InkJet and DesignJet printers for sale. HP is reputable for its top quality and durable electronics and readily available toner and ink cartridges. With a fairly low cost of maintenance, the machines present a cheaper total cost of ownership. Installation and configuration instructions are clearly stated in the user manual making them easy to use. The latest commercial and medium-sized all-in-one HP models such as  M181, M281, M479 have fnw (fax-network-wireless), fdw (fax-duplex-wireless) or fdn (fax-duplex-network) capabilities for maximum efficiency. Plotters for architectural and art design printing purposes for sale include the 24 or 36 inch-T525 and T830 with different numbers of inks. Smaller models include the HP 2630 which are suitable for small-scale personal or home printing loads. The total costs of operations and maintenance for the brand new printers are cheaper compared to the refurbished ones as the parts such as printheads, belts and drums may need replacements. Shopit offers speedy and efficient same-day delivery in Kenya and 24-hour shipping to a courier office near you countrywide.