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Shopit sale comprises of a variety of trusted Lenovo laptop shops with a broad range of laptops for sale at the best prices in Kenya. The leading models available in stock include Ideapad, Thinkpad, Carbon and Yoga suitable for personal and office use, gaming, graphics design and application development.

Lenovo Ideapad S130 and S145 are entry-level models and are cheaper compared to the high-end Yoga and Carbon. They are suitable for student, personal and general use and come with Celeron or core i3 processor specifications. When looking for where to buy a high-quality laptop, Carbon and Yoga are great selections. For gamers and application developers, the Thinkpad L or Yoga X1 and X390 series with core i5 and i7 for faster speeds are available for sale. 

Browse our website to order the latest brand new computer from the online shops and enjoy 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover the repairs and maintenance. Microsoft Windows and Linux software run on the computer hardware. Since most of the laptops are DOS, the software can be bought separately and installed. Microsoft Office suite is also supported by the hardware. Shopit online store offers great prices on Lenovo accessories such as bags, original or replacement batteries and chargers with a guarantee of durability. Enjoy convenient delivery of items purchased from your trusted Lenovo dealer in Kenya.

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